Monday, 5 August 2013

Vivien's Heavenly Ice Cream Shop - Abby Clements

Imogen is loving life on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand with handsome American Luca and big sister Anna in Brighton is moving into her new flat with boyfriend Jon, both sisters enjoying life on different continents until they receive the devastating news their much loved Grandma Vivien has died.  Unexpectedly Anna and Imogen inherit their grandmother's ice cream parlour on the sea front in Brighton- first opened in the 1950's the parlour is a seafront institution with bags of retro charm but very few customers.  If the sisters can't turn things around their grandmother's legacy may disappear forever- especially if Aunt Francoise has her way. 

Anna flies off to Italy to educate herself in the craft of gelato production meeting handsome Matteo along the way and Imogen begins a marketing campaign to put them back on the map, making an enemy of local surf school owner Finn in the process.    Along the way Alfie, Jon's young son builds a lego house for Anna but a separate one for his Mummy and Daddy- does this mean what Anna thinks it means?  Will Imogen ever go back to Thailand and her first love of photography?  Will the sisters make a success of the family business and subsequently their beloved Grandma proud?  Or will the British summertime sour their plans?

I have had this book a while and the divine cover has been keeping me in suspense, willing me to start the book.  When I did I wasn't disappointed, the book is fast paced with both the sisters having completely different personalities and faults but they are unmistakeably joined by their sisterly bond.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in a few days, well written and full of twists and turns along the way- a great summer read.



  1. Really looking forward to having the time to read this one! Have had it a while, but snowed under with reviews!


    1. You'll really enjoy it Kate- it's a fun, easy read.

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