Monday, 26 August 2013

Chasing Daisy - Paige Toon

Daisy works as a 'bun tart' for an F1 racing team. When she isn't jetting from one country to another she is waiting on wealthy ladies who lunch in London. Will and Lucia drive for the team, Daisy is lusting after Will but will he really leave his girlfriend Laura for her? Lucia drives Daisy to distraction, nearly running her over at their first meeting- so why does she get butterflies every now and again around him?

Holly is Daisy's best friend and hiding something from her, but Daisy is also hiding something from her- family in NYC and £10million sitting in her bank account- but why?

I don't want to give the plot away so won't go into any more details of the actual story but I loved this book! Possibly because I have spent a lot of time at racing circuits in my youth with my Dad's job!  Daisy is a great character and everyone's lives intertwine- Daisy does a lot of soul searching, with the help of Holly adding in a couple of trips to visit Nonna (her Grandmother) in Italy for advice too.  I got a bit frustrated with Lucia and Daisy's relationship but I think that was the point!


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