Friday, 30 August 2013

The Longest Holiday - Paige Toon

Laura is totally in love with her husband of seven months Matthew, they are enjoying married life and are very much in love.  Laura's world comes crashing down when she discovers Matthew made a terrible mistake and has been hiding a huge secret.  A humiliated and devastated Laura is whisked off to Key West on holiday by her best friend Marty and travel writer Bridget for some fun, sun and cocktails.  When she arrives she doesn't want to be there but then finds there is an instant attraction with Leo, the sexy Cuban scuba diver.  But Laura is still married to Matthew and has fallen hard for Leo, at the end of the holiday Laura doesn't want to go home, should she face the music or does Key West have more in store for her? 

I really enjoyed this book, I felt I could relate to all of the characters, using Key West as the setting was great, the way the scenes were described really made everything come to life and almost put yourself there as well.  I warmed to Laura as a character and went through all of the emotions with her, I did need it spelling out that she was the Laura from Chasing Daisy though!  As the book went on I felt Bridget was more of a friend than Marty but by the end could see Marty only had Laura's welfare at the forefront of her mind.  As I was reading the book I had no idea how it would end which made for even more addictive reading.


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