Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sweet Temptation - Lucy Diamond

Maddie, Jess and Lauren are all at that point in their lives- they need to battle the bulge and in doing so meet each other for the first time at FatBusters.  Lauren runs Love Hearts a successful dating agency but despite her profession she has been unlucky finding love and is convinced she will never find her prince.  Jess is engaged and desperate to fit into a slinky dress on her big day but,the big day hasn't even been booked, well, it has but her fianc√© keeps postponing it!  Maddie works at the local radio station where her boss humiliates her live on air, her Mum is also continually dropping hints about her loosing weight (even signs her up for the gym) and after a disastrous mum's race at her kids sports day she knows something has to change.
When all the girls join FatBusters they are somewhat reluctant and unconvinced it is the place for them but they become unlikely allies bound together in their quest to shed the lbs, along the way they develop new friendships, share secrets and stand by each other.  Maddie's story is the main thread throughout- although as I identified with her the most maybe that's why it stood out for me, Jess is a great character to follow and see her change as the story progresses, I found Lauren the hardest character to like but by the end had warmed to her.  There was no obvious conclusion as I was reading although I was willing certain things to happen somehow and they did, during the book I was wondering if Maddie would ever come to terms with her devastating news, would Jess ever find a man to treat her like a princess as she deserved and would Lauren ever believe in love again.
I loved this book, my first Lucy Diamond read and definitely not the last.  The book was well paced with lots going on switching between the characters lives, a feel good read which left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling at the end. 

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