Sunday, 23 June 2013

Elly in Bloom - Colleen Oakes

Elly drove away from her old life one day after finding her husband in their bed with another woman.  She started a new life in St Louis- never going back, but the past had left an unmistakable impact on Elly, a broken past she could not let go of. 
Elly is a florist who owns her own floral wedding boutique- Posies, other main charachters include best friend Kim and employee Sarky Teenager.  When Elly is commissioned to decorate the wedding of the year she has no idea this will mean she finally has to confront her past, or what this would mean for her future.  Elly is not prepared for what she discovers about her ex husband Aaron, her new neighbour Isaac, the sandwich man next door Keith, or herself. 
Even though I read this book on my kindle I loved the cover- so clean, fresh and inviting.  Elly is instantly likeable if not a bit frustrating at times, Kim is a lovely charachter who I instantly warmed to.  Throughout the book the relationship develops unexectedly between Elly and Sarky Teenager, however I could detect her relationship with Isaac was never quite right.  I rushed some of the middle a bit as not a lot seemed to happen but I loved the ending, this book is a great read with the main charachters very well developed and a lovely sprinkling of other charachters- Sunny, Anthony, Keith and of course Cadbury Elly's faithful dog.  I love the way Colleen describes the floral and decorative aspects of the story- allowing me to build some great images in my mind.
The sequel Elly in Love is currently being written and I can't wait to read it.

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